“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” – Helena Rubenstein

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Client Before/After Pictures can be a powerful beauty business booster.

Before and after images can be a geat product selling point.

Before and after images can be a geat product selling point.

Before and after pictures are very important selling aspects of your beauty business. These are the images potential clients will refer to in order to see just what your skin needling or skin care regimen can do for them. They want to see people who are just like them, with issues concerning skin problems, and how your collagen induction therapy or beauty product transformed their skin into the brand new people they are today.

If potential clients can visually relate to your other clients it could really make a difference in whether or not they make that initial phone call.

Here are few tips to keep in mind next time you are taking before and after photographs for your micro skin needling or skin product marketing.

Plain backdrop. Make sure you are taking your photos with your client against a plain, neutral colored backdrop. A solid colored door or large wall with no paintings is great for this type of photo. This allows viewers to solely focus on the people in the images and not become easily distracted with noisy backgrounds or other disruptive elements.

Lighting is important. Most before and after images tend to be washed out from the camera’s harsh flash. This can be solved by adding as much natural light to the room where you are having the photos taken. The natural light will be enough for the camera to see your client clearly without having to use the flash which diminishes detail. If you aren’t able to add natural light to your photos, make sure your client aren’t directly under a light source, this can cause unwanted shadows within your photos.

Keep the shot steady. When taking before and after photos, using a tripod could greatly increase the quality of the images you produce. The tripod allows the camera to stay steady and focus correctly on its subject without the chance of blurring from movement or shake. People viewing your marketing want to see clear shots of your client, they want to see every aspect of how a person changed from before and after their skin treatment procedures. Also, make sure your camera is on the portrait setting rather than landscape. If you are taking cosmetic photos, move in closer to your client but remember to maintain a clear focus.

Record your settings. Most importantly, record your settings when taking your first set of before photos. This means writing down the time in case you used the natural light of the sun, the distance between the client and the tripod and any other camera-specific settings used. This way, when you take the after photos you will have the exact set-up conditions as the before photos. This will eliminate any differentiations in the images and make for more accurate photos.

Use your best images. Think of your beauty business’s before and after marketing photo as your personal art gallery display. This is your page to post the absolute best skin renewal and correction work you have done to this day. Just like works of art, you want your viewers to see everything you can do to change their lives for the better. Art is supposed to evoke feelings, and that’s exactly what you want your before and after photos to do. Viewers want to see images that move them on an emotional level. These emotions end up driving people to finalize decisions. In this case, you want them to call your business that very moment and schedule a Nanokiss session.

The above may seem a little too detail-oriented for taking simple before and after pictures but keep in mind these images are potential selling points for people visiting your website or looking at your marketing material. Take the extra time to produce quality before and after photos, they truly are an important aspect of your beauty business. These photographs show potential clients exactly what you can do for them.

And now that you have read all of the above…There is an easier way to get great before and after photos if you have a smart phone. By getting a before and after photo app for your phone you can record your skin renewal and correction progress like a pro. There are a number of before after apps on the Google store.


There is also a couple of apps for your iphone, for example:





David Ogilvy – The king of advertising

In 1984 I stumbled upon a book “Confessions of an advertising man” by David Ogilvy.

Ladies and Gentleman I proudly present to you David Ogilvy – A lesson in marketing I hope you never forget. The wisdom is timeless and is still applicable almost forty years later.


The power of a press release that reads like news.

I’m really too lazy to expand on this subject today. Just Google ‘Press Release’ and you will find all kinds of services who will write it for you as well as suggestions and guidelines on how to do it. This is certainly one of the most powerful ways to get your business or product in the public’s eye. BUT…. don’t be fooled. It is not easy. It MUST be news! If it is not news it will simply go down the drain together with the other couple of thousands of press releases that the poor newspaper staff receives daily.

Want to see how powerful a press release can be? Watch the youtube video below and see how Barbera Corcoran (Shark Tank) leaped her business from obscurity to fame amongst the rich and famous…..


Come on now. Get those grey cells working and think of a way that your business or product can generate NEWS. Do not sell! Supply news. I bet you enjoyed this excellent talk? Certainly some refreshing business ideas for a change.