The power of a press release that reads like news.

I’m really too lazy to expand on this subject today. Just Google ‘Press Release’ and you will find all kinds of services who will write it for you as well as suggestions and guidelines on how to do it. This is certainly one of the most powerful ways to get your business or product in the public’s eye. BUT…. don’t be fooled. It is not easy. It MUST be news! If it is not news it will simply go down the drain together with the other couple of thousands of press releases that the poor newspaper staff receives daily.

Want to see how powerful a press release can be? Watch the youtube video below and see how Barbera Corcoran (Shark Tank) leaped her business from obscurity to fame amongst the rich and famous…..


Come on now. Get those grey cells working and think of a way that your business or product can generate NEWS. Do not sell! Supply news. I bet you enjoyed this excellent talk? Certainly some refreshing business ideas for a change.