Writing that makes you rich

You know the saying “you must be cruel to be kind” – well I’m going to be a real prick.
I want you to commit suicide.
I want you to kill your company and your product.
I want you to wipe yourself from the face of the earth for awhile.

Remove your ego!

From now on only the prospective client exists. These prospective clients are human. They have feelings, emotions, desires, problems, needs and dreams. And you are only going to address those human aspects. You will do it on an individual basis as if though you have a one to one conversation with this person. You will think like the prospect do. And the prospect only thinks… “what is in it for me, what will I get, how will my problem be solved?, how will I improve?. How good will I look?, what will the neighbours think?, will I feel chuffed after I’ve received this product or service?, did I do the right thing?”

First you need to draw this persons attention to the fact that you can fulfill the need or desire. You have the answer. For this you will use a headline or opening. This is the god of your message. Stuff your headline up and your money is down the drain.  What makes this of such vital importance is that in a display add you call attention to your target market announcing that their answer has arrived. The headline is used in a message and the target will either reject the message or continue to read further.

Once you have the attention you need to create a picture in the mind of the prospect on how you are going to solve the problem.
Now you will supply argument and proof in the form of value and advantages so that you can create a desire in the prospect to make use of the answer to his/her problem or desire.

Persuasion might further be needed to remove obstacles that may lead to the prospect to have 2nd thoughts. You need to remove all hesitant thoughts.
A little bit of nudging in the form of a free gift,discount or making the product or service scarce can be introduced. And finally you will make it extremely easy for the person to get what they want. You will tell them exactly what they need to do to get what they want.

Apart from the headline and the closing the elements above need not be in the sequence I wrote them. It is just vital that they are all present in your marketing material.